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Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer

B6 Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer

Classification: Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer





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*Electromagnetic modulation principle, transforms the measured DC micro current into the standard DC voltage output according to the linear proportion
*Controlled by temperature compensation circuit, small thermal drift , measure accurately
*Perforation, plug terminal insert, screw fastening plane mounting
*It widely apply to the branch way power supply of the isolation online detection in DC power supply system
*Dimension(mm): 102(L)×23(W)×86(H) aperture: 45mm

*Input Range:0~±500mA can choose 0~±10mA, 0~±20mA etc

*Accuracy Grade:≤1.0%.F.S

*Linearity Degree:better than 0.2%

*Response Time:≤200mS

*Offset Voltage:≤20mV

*Temperature Characteristics:≤150PPM/℃(0~50℃)

*Power Consumption:≤30 mA

*Isolation Withstanding Voltage:AC2.0KV/min*1mA between input /output/ power

*Load Capacity:2 times current continuous, 30 times current 1 second

*Flame Retardancy:UL94-V0

*Working Environment:-10℃~50℃, 20%~90% without condensation

*Storage Environment:-40℃~70℃, 20%~95% without condensation

3:0~±5V T: Special outputB---power supply
5:±12V±10%、6:±15V±10%C---Current input range Model selection1: LF-MI11-35B6-1.0/0~±10mA
Explanation: this product is a 0~±10mA input range, 0~±5V output,
±12V power supply, B6 style DC leakage current sensor.

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