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Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer

B7 Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer

Classification: Analog Output DC Leakage Current Transducer





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*Electromagnetic modulation principle, transforms the measured DC micro current into the standard DC voltage output according to the linear proportion
*Controlled by temperature compensation circuit, small thermal drift , measure accurately
*Perforation, plug terminal insert, screw fastening plane mounting
*It widely apply to the branch way power supply of the isolation online detection in DC power supply system
*Dimension(mm):110(L)×25(W)×95(H) aperture: 50mm

1.Notice the auxiliary power supply information on the product labels,make sure the connections of input, output and power supply are correct before power on.

2.The transducer is an integration structure which can not be removed and please avoid collisions and falls.

3.When the transducer used in a strong magnetic interference environment, please notice the shelter of the input wire, output signal must be as short as possible. When more than one transducer are installed, please make sure the distance between the transducers >10mm.

4.The inside of this series transducers is not installed with lightning protection circuit, when the input, output feeder exposure to bad climate environment outside, please take measures of lightning protection.

5.This product uses the flame retardant ABS plastic shell packaging, its utmost temperature is +85℃(customized products: + 130 ℃), please don't bake the shell in high temperature, or it will be distorted, influence the performance of the product.

3:0~±5V T: Special outputB---power supply
5:±12V±10%、6:±15V±10%C---Current input range Model selection1: LF-MI11-35B7-1.0/0~±10mA
Explanation: this product is a 0~±10mA input range, 0~±5V output,
±12V power supply, B7 style DC leakage current sensor.

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