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Shenzhen XinRuiDa Electric Power Equipments Co., Ltd (XinRuiDa), was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise, focus on the electricity measurement and control, electrical safety protection and power electronic products research and development, production, sales and service. We have the solutions for the full set of electricity measurement and control, electrical safety protection and power electronic products. Our product line includes LF series electrical isolation sensor/transducer, hall effect transducer, battery monitor, battery integrated management system, insulation monitor, power supply monitor, and power module. XinRuiDa is committed to supply the most competitive high quality products for customer,  XinRuiDa is committed to create the biggest competitive advantage for the customer.

XinRuiDa is in strict accordance with the modern enterprise management system research and development, production and management, and pay high attention to product quality and service quality, our operation is in strict accordance with the IS09001 quality management system, IS014000 environmental impact assessment management system and OHSAS18000 occupation health safety management system. The strict material screening and inspection, advanced manufacture craft and technology, modern management and high-quality staff team, to ensure the high quality and the most competitive products into the market constantly. After years of development, our company has become the leading enterprises in the industry line of power supply facilities and electrical isolation transducer, our products were continually developed and perfected with diversification, serialization, high technology, high reliability.

Since the establishment of XinRuiDa, our products are in China and worldwide with a lot of running, our products are widely used in a variety of industries of electric power, communication,railway traffic, metallurgy, new energy etc.. The customers who are cooperate with us are more than 5000, among them there are lots of well-known international and domestic enterprises. With the large number of customers in close cooperation with the precipitation in our experience, we keep on continuous improvement and innovation, and we continue to improve the customer satisfaction.The core of our company is our customers, Our mission is that we should provide the competitive  measurement and control solutions and services and we should do effort for our customers’ benefit. If we cannot do, there will be the other people do it.

2003 Letter Ruida company was formally established, professional R & D and production LF series power isolation sensor and DC system leakage current sensor;

2004 The company successfully achieved full power supply power measurement system supporting; products include power supply monitoring, intelligent detection unit, the annual sales achieved substantial growth and the introduction of the first intelligent leakage current sensor.

2005 The company successfully launched smart battery inspection instrument and DC system insulation tester, and in the year received 27 DC system power supply manufacturers use.

2006 A comprehensive upgrade to optimize the power isolation sensor and moved to a new site, customer satisfaction increased year by year.

2007 The company introduced a new type of AC insulation tester in the metallurgical industry to achieve a breakthrough, and achieved excellent sales performance, the company's new R & D subway PSD power monitoring also successfully made the Chongqing Light Rail and Guangzhou subway orders.

2008 R & D of new battery inspection device, an effective solution to UPS power supply battery detection interference. Become the domestic dynamic monitoring system of the industry's outstanding suppliers.

2009 Intelligent R & D speed, intelligent power distribution monitoring device, intelligent AC-DC power sensor, PLC monitoring, fully isolated smart battery inspection instrument, fully isolated intelligent AC-DC insulation tester, three generations of power supply monitoring and R & D success.

2009 The establishment of a comprehensive quality management system, and through third-party certification body certification, and achieved coverage throughout the scope of the quality management system (ISO9001: 2008) certification.

2010 The establishment of MRP management system, effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise management and core competitiveness.

2011 The sales revenue has exceeded 20 million yuan, and the market popularity and customer recognition have been greatly improved.

2012 The fifth generation power supply monitoring and charging module has been successfully developed and transferred to mass production.

2013 The company has passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification and become a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.

2014 The new insulation detector developed by the company has been widely used in various drive motor systems.

2015 The company has passed the ISO / TS 16949:2009 quality management system certification.

2017The company has made a great breakthrough in the graduation measurement of the moving ring of the iron tower, and has realized the full semi-automatic production management.

2018 The company has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

2019 The company has been incorporated into "enterprises above Designated Size" in Shenzhen.

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