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Industrial digital display

DTSD U2061 DC Electronic Watt Hour Meter

Classification: Industrial digital display

Description: High precision sampling and metering unit and high-speed MCU data processing unit are adopted to realize high-precision ...




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Metering function

* The total electric energy of positive active power and total electric energy of reverse active power are measured by time, and the current and historical data of 12 months are recorded. The total electric energy and electric energy of each rate are measured independently;

* Record the current and historical total electric energy of active power and electric energy of each rate in the current and historical 12 months. The combined electric energy is calculated in the temporary combination mode. When the combination mode is changed, the combined electric energy is recalculated;

Multi rate function

* Programmable 4 kinds of rates, 14 time periods, 8 day time tables, 14 year time zones and 32 public holidays;

* The meter has two sets of time zone meters and two sets of daily time table functions;

* The built-in clock chip has the functions of calendar, timing and anniversary automatic switching, as well as temperature compensation.

Display function

* LCD display, can display character and image interface;

* It can display the voltage, current, power, electric energy and other operating parameters of the current watt hour meter;

Communication function

* The meter has a RS485 interface. PC or PDA can communicate with the meter through the communication interface;

* The RS485 interface is electrically isolated from the inside of the meter, and the lightning protection circuit is designed;

* It has infrared communication function;

* Support DL / t645-2007 and MODBUS-RTU dual communication protocols, other protocols can be customized according to customer requirements.

Output function

* It has active power test pulse output;

* It has multi-function output function, which can output clock signal and time interval switching signal;

Event recording function

* It has the functions of power down, programming, ammeter clearing, timing recording and so on.

Special functions

* It has the function of fault information prompt and alarm;

* It has the functions of fixed time freezing, instantaneous freezing, agreed freezing, daily freezing and whole point freezing;

* Data recording function before clearing meter;

* Rated voltage 100V, 350V, 500V, 700V, 750V

* The calibration current is 20a and 50a, which is directly connected through manganese copper sampling; 100A, 200A, 300A, 500A external DC shunt sampling, secondary circuit output 75mV.

* Power pulse 200imp / kWh

* Accuracy level active power level 1

* Overall size 89 (L) * 76 (W) * 74 (H)

* The weight is about 0.3KG

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