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Insulation Monitor

JYCL3.1 Electric Vehicle Insulation Monitor

Classification: Insulation Monitor

Description: JYCL3.1 automobile insulation detector adopts the principle of low frequency signal injection detection, which is mainly...




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● Wide working power supply range, universal 12VDC / 24VDC power supply;

● It is equipped with over temperature protection and anti reverse connection of working power supply;

● Low frequency signal injection method is adopted, and the technology is mature and reliable;

● The insulation resistance of positive and negative bus to ground can be measured at the same time;

● When the bus is open, the insulation resistance of the power system to the ground can still be detected;

● Provide 1-way can communication signal;

● Provide 1-way triode collector digital output signal;

● Support can bootloader online software upgrade;

Note: the height of the product is 16.0 mm, excluding the pin height of the plug-in device and the height of the fixing screw, and the pin height is less than or equal to 2 mm; for 1 ~ 4 screw mounting holes, 1 / 2 two holes must be reliably grounded (grounded).

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