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Surveillance system

DlJK-II Complex Monitor System

Classification: Surveillance system





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*DLJK-II power monitoring System, according to three-level monitoring system to design, AC data、 DC data、switching value feed-in(feed-out)、battery data、system insulation data can obtain through the communication of main monitor and corresponding JLCL AC measuring unit、ZLCL DC measuring unit、KGCL switching value measuring unit、BAT battery inspection unit、JYCL insulation measuring unit. Data collection and controlling singly collect and send up, anti-interference ability is strong, is easy to expand;
*The monitor can manage 2 group batteries at the the same time, and can monitor 2 sections bus data;
*Big touch screen truecolor liquid crystal display, Chinese graphics control and help menu, ensure the system operation is flexible and simple, English and Chinese menu are optional;
*Multiple communication modes:LAN、RS232、RS485、CAN etc, are fit for different system's communication demands, support CDT、RTU、MODBUS、IEC103 etc various protocols, is easy to access to remote monitor system;
*Multiple fault alarm functions: when the system become abnormal immediately sound and light alarm, and report to the background, the alarm value can be set freely, the alarm record automatically store;
*Multiple extensible I/O interface, can use to alarm output and other information's collection and controlling;
*Function module unitization design, detect mutual isolation between unit, high reliability, expand conveniently, it is convenient to install, use, preserve.

* Power supply voltage: DC 80~320V

* Input power: 5W

* Connection port and power collection:

Remote communication interface RS485 1 way RS232 1 way

Intelligent equipment interface RS485 3 way; CAN bus interface 2 way;LAN interface 1 way

Dry contact output: 5 way Switching value feed-in: 20 way

AC voltage collection: 1 section 3 phase

DC voltage collection: 3 way voltage

DC current collection: 2 way current

Standby voltage collection: 7 way

Clock proofreading accept port: 1 way

* Battery management:

Intelligent equalized charging and floating charge convert

Fixed time equalized charging

Battery charge and discharge capacity calculate

Charge current-limiting

Temperature compensation

Battery capacity testing function

Battery charge and discharge characteristics curve display

* Working environment temperature: -5 ~+40

* Control function:

Charging module output voltage adjust

* System insulation detecting function:

Positive and negative bus voltage to ground and ground resistance

Matching with intelligent leakage current sensor can detect the brand way and insulation resistance to ground

* Alarm function:

Fault sound and light alarm , meantime report to background Alarm dry contact output

500 pieces historical alarms and 500 pieces battery records

* Insulation strength:

Communication port to case withstanding voltage 500VAC/1Min

Power supply port to case withstanding voltage 2000VAC/Min

Power supply port and communication port withstanding voltage 2500VAC/1Min

* Case dimension(L) ×(W)×(H): 260mm×1 55mm×4 5mm

* Complete machine weight: 1kg

Charging module current-limiting

Output equalized charging/floating charge voltage convert

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